Now & Here
Geloven in Rotterdam
 The city, a challenge for the church ?

Cities worldwide are daily. The population growth in combination of mixed cultures in taking place at a great pace. Through  this, tension arises, difficulties and challenges on political ,cultural and social level occur.
In a sense you could say that the cities are a “prophetic” image of the near future.
The church awakes, because every individual church acknowledges that they can’t  solely reach the city with its many faces. A craving  to operate as one body is growing within the churches.
The “Voorgangers Overleg Rotterdam “ (Pastors “Consult” Rotterdam) and surrounding district has seen this development and calls pastors of Pentecostal- and Charismatic
churches  to give expression to this indispensable unity.
To overcome obstacles and reclaim ground together.

174 million people live in the globes 12 biggest cities .
73% of the Europeans live in these cities.
For the first in the history of human kind the world is more urban than rural (country side).
Christians have left the cities to move to the exclusive suburbs or moved out of town. And for the first the time in church history in Europe the church is bigger in the country side than in the city.
If we as churches want to touch our country we need to give priority to our cities. And if we want to reach our cities we need to search unity.
The current pastors and churches being member of “V.O.R” distinguish the inevitability to search each other in an atmosphere of unity,
brotherhood and the call to re-gain the city for Christ.

What happened in the book of Acts occurred mainly in the large cities, it can happen again on condition that we come together.

On behalf of the members of the “V.O.R.” and districsts

Dick van Steenis

The V.O.R. and districts consultative body of pastors from Pentecostal- and Charismatic movements, with an attitude of openness and respect to churches of another denomination and church related organizations.

Our objective is above all mutual encouragement, combined forces and cooperation for the Kingdom of God in the district of Rotterdam.
For that purpose we stimulate mutual friendship and relation building. Together we find each other in prayer and we make a stand for cases of common interest.

Intercession for the city is our intent en is organized under the name “Hartslag” (‘Heartbeat’)
The V.O.R. and districts is an association with members who are the pastors of the various attached churches. Your church can be a guest member for a certain time.
The leaders within the V.O.R have the responsibility to make sure they function appropriate.